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About Us

Blogging is a hobby. I have some years of experience in SEO. I just want my colleagues to be aware of today’s technology. This blog (apkphase) is to help and support new bloggers and YouTubers. From my point of view, if I teach, I’ll learn more.

I started this blog to support friends struggling to make a blogging career. I provide the latest information about blogging, new technology, mobile and internet, Youtube, and freelancing in this blog. My main topics are blogging, SEO for beginners, Youtube tips for beginners, and other tips and tricks about technology.

My mission is to be a good learner. I hope that I can do it,, but it may be impossible without your support. I’ll give tips about blogging, SEO, Youtube channel growth, and other information for beginners.

I’m an expert in writing an SEO friendly article about any niche. Currently, I’m not working on any freelancing site because I’m paying my full attention to this blog. The reason is that I want to tell everything that I learned in a short time experience. My blog shows everything about me and how much I am experienced. If you want to know more about me, please send me a lovely message on my contacts us page. Every issue and problem will be solved, if possible.

On apkphase, you will receive information and the latest technology news. I update it regularly because I want my user to update. Blogging tips [including how to start a blog, what is a blog, blogger settings, editing blog], Youtube tricks [including youtube topics, YouTubers mistakes, famous youtube topics], SEO beginners tips [including what is SEO, how to do SEO, On-page SEO], mobile and internet, HTML tags, and some others article has been published on

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